Wednesday, July 13, 2011

"Social Media" in teaching Limudei Kodesh

I don't know if this will work. It depends on the blocking in one's school. Is it possible to have limited twitter? If the answer is yes, I have some ideas.
Imaging teaching Parashat Korach. Then have the class tweet the major points ... for example: one hashtag could be @Korach; others could be @Datan, @Aviram, @eshet Ohn ben Peles etc...
they could tweet the Perek...with reactions from other members of Bnai Yisrael (some will be left to imagination)...this can all be tweeted from the seat on ipad or laptop and projected on screen, so all the tweets are coming up as they are written...can you imagine how involved the class would be in learning. This could be a reward for learning the Perek well.
or the Meraglim imagine the meraglim tweeting their "spying out the land"...
My imagination is running away with me...
Yosef and his brothers, selling him
or could write blogs...
Moshe's blog..from when he grows up in Paroh's palace, to killing the mitzri, to going before Paroh (let my people go), the makkos, etc etc...instead of a "diary" which is just one kid writing it and maybe reading it to class, whole class is involved...each child could write a different section of Moshe's blog...and everyone could comment...and again, it could be projected in front of class with real time comments coming in.
or Yehoshua's blog..capturing eretz canaan...
or yosef's blog..from when he was sold until family comes to mitzrayim.
Just some ideas to incorporate web 2.0 into limudei kodesh. I would love to hear your ideas, comments, critiques. As I said, this is just "off the top of my head."
More to come, just thought of some other applications. Will try them out first before blogging.


  1. I think Twitter is one way to do this but a bit complex since students would have to set up Twitter accounts for each of these people. Also, kids are not as used to the Twitter platform as 'grownups'. The language kids speak is Facebook. There a number of Fake Facebook tools that are perfect for this type of assignment. I blogged about My Fakewall here: You can also check out this newer "Fakewall" tool that i think is a more stable platform and allows video sharing as well:
    Also check out this from FreeTech4Teachers:

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